If you do it right, you can turn your old things into new money that will make it worth the effort to do a real spring cleaning.

According to freemoneywisdom.com, you should make a list of categories. Litter, clutter, and junk. Junk can either be useless or something that is worth money and may need to be looked at by a professional or pawned.


Here is something to do when you want to eliminate items that you don't use much. Have you used them in the last 6 months? I've even seen people say if it doesn't bring you joy sell it. Many people take pictures of their items then get rid of them. That way they still have the emotional attachment without having the item.

According to worthy.com Facebook, Craigslist and eBay remain tried and true resources for selling your stuff. If you decide to sell that way, they also warn against meeting at your home.. Meet at a shopping mall out in the open, Wal-mart is a good place since they have cameras. If you are selling to someone out of town, don’t forget to incorporate the cost of shipping into your bottom line. For other items, make sure you aren't losing money when selling them, if you are, consider donating then you can write it off on taxes.

Some items you can use at write-offs if you donate them to a charity. Get a receipt, most places will give you one, then use the online chart to figure your items.

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