Remember Tupperware? My mom’s kitchen was full of Tupperware and we would be invited to family, friends and friends of family Tupperware parties to buy more. We didn't have plastic ware, Glad Ware then and all Chinese food was brought home in the boxes with the little metal handle.  But, with all the new fangled plastic ware I have had an explosion of plastic containers in my kitchen. Can you relate? Place your bets to see if I can get it all to fit in the drawer?

I guess I’m a hoarder of sorts. I keep my empty sour cream, cottage cheese, butter and yogurt containers too. I always feel like I can give dinner guests leftovers in those and they don’t have to return them. But, when it comes down to it, I think that’s cheesy and end up giving them one of those nice containers from the Chinese restaurant. One of the Chinese restaurants that we order take out from now sends it home in these really nice plastic bowls with covers that are reusable. I have to save THOSE!

Thank goodness I didn’t keep all my mom’s Tupperware arsenal. She had the big bowls with the burp tops, the little individual bowls with the burp tops, the hamburger patty maker, the popsicle maker, the one that you made kool-aid and poured into the plastic mold to freeze, which she never did for me, lol! We had the deviled egg carrier, the pitchers, the measuring cups and spoons, you name it, she bought it.  I have kept some of those things (with great memories I might add) and everything else I’ve collected through the years.

AAAARRRHHHHGGGG!!! I couldn’t close the cupboard anymore and something had to be done. So, this weekend I tackled the project. I had a hard time, but I threw away the cottage cheese and yogurt containers, matched tops to containers I had and if it didn’t have a cover I’d ditch it. If the cover didn’t fit great, I ditched it. I forced myself to downsize and I’m happy to say, I was victorious, LOOK!

Cathy Kates
Cathy Kates

If you're like me and can't close the cupboard door, I’m here to encourage you, you can do it!  It truly doesn’t take that much time and it's so nice to be able to close the cupboard door without a fight.  Spring cleaning anyone?

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