How would you like to own a town, yes a whole town, and name it whatever you want?

Talk to Justin Godsey, he's the good lookin' guy in the picture and he is the reator for North and Company that is selling this town for the family. They even made a professional looking video showing you all the things you get when you buy this town.

According to the company's youtube post, the town was established in 1864 and was called Turkey Creek. I heard that name and I thought, what a bad name for a town. Name it after someone. James Cleator bought it in 1925 and thought the same way I do, so he renamed it after himself, Cleator, Arizona.

Az family says the place has a bar. It's called the Cleator Yacht Club. When you buy the place you have all mining rights, and you own all the abandoned standing structures. This place would be great for a place to film Hollywood Movies. It doesn't say that when you look at the selling points, I just thought of that. Your welcome Justin!!

All you need in order to own a town of your own according to the youtube write up (which I might add is pretty big and includes a lot of scenery) is $125 million. For the price, you get about 40 acres, 20 buildings and the Cleator General Store, Bar and Yacht Club, naming rights and mining rights.

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According to 12 news, the bar has been there a few decades and has expanded into a complex of a store and Yacht Club (water not included) and does have it's fair share of visitors, bikers, and looky loos.

Now, what to name it?

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