Looks like Glen Taylor is considering selling the Minnesota Timberwolves, and there are already pretty recognizable names looking into buying the organization.

According to Sportico.com, Tayor has hired The Raine Group, a firm that does mergers and acquisitions for large companies and organizations like the Timberwolves to explore suitors for the team.


And immediately news started to break about potential buyers of the team, first was Kevin Garnett, the greatest player in franchise history, he said on social media that he's put together a group to buy the team, he's also Tweeted about the topic saying, "No two people love the city more than myself and Glen Taylor and I look forward to trying to work with him to achieve my dream."

Not long after KG threw his hat in the ring, ESPN Senior Writer Adam Schefter was reporting that the Wilf family was the front runner to get the team, of course, the Wilfs already own Minnesota's most popular sports franchise...The Vikings! SKOL

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Schefter wrote, "the Wilfs appear to be in a prime spot at this time to buy the Timberwolves, though a decision on the sale might not be made until September, sources said."

I would love to see the Wilfs and KG come together and form the ultimate partnership and create an NBA team the state can be proud of once again. In the end, I think either group would do better than the current status quo and would be excited to see what the future holds.

Taylor has owned the Timberwolves since 1994 when he bought the team for a bargain price of $88 million, the team is estimated to be worth as much as $1.4 BILLION now, wowzers!

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