There is a show on the Discovery Channel called naked and afraid. One man and one woman are dropped off in the middle of somewhere and have to survive 20 days in the wild naked with a stranger. Both have survival skills, but the hard part is actually using them and working with someone you don't know. What if you had the same concept but go through a haunted house?

Most of us have done a haunted house or haunted tour, but have you done it naked? It's not a sexual thing, it's meant to be vulnerable to everything. That is the thinking behind Shocktoberfest The Naked Haunted House Tour. The Haunted House starts at midnight when the public house closes. People can strip to their birthday suit or wear underwear. It's not meant to make people uncomfortable, just to be open to more feelings. The Haunted House features a lot of experiences that use bumps of water or air and people holding things that scare you by feel.

The Shocktoberfest event takes place in Sinking Springs, PA. and costs you $20 to go through the haunted house itself. You must be 18 in order to take part. No minors or outside patrons ever see any of the naked patrons.

Would you do a Haunted Tour Naked?

****UPDATE**** The park has been asked to have people take the tour with clothes on. According to the Huffington Post Shocktoberfest owner Patrick Konopelski, has been notified that he is not allowed to have customers participate in a naked walk-through of his haunted house

According to, the property Shocktoberfest sits on is part of two municipalities. Township of Spring Manager Jay Vaughan told the website that his municipality was initially under the impression that the nude portion of the event would take place in a building off the grounds, but when it was revealed that the tour took place on the same grounds as the Haunted House, it was discovered the permits would not cover the tour.

****Here's a video, contains people pixelated and in underwear******