Everyone has their secrets when wanting to look their best. Wear Black, for instance, if you want to appear thinner than you are. Stand straight up, to look sleeker. Mom's tips really were tips. Here's some more.

According to a study, 70% of women think they should be skinnier. When women were asked to pick a picture of a woman they looked like, the picture was 2 sizes bigger than the woman really was.

Some of these secrets, if you will, are used by the stars. Some have been passed down.

According to All Womens Talk, here's some tricks

Wear Dark Colors- Black is recommended, but isn't the rule.

Stick with solid colors and knee high skirts- If the wrong pattern hits your body, even if you are fit, a pattern can take away from your shape.

Big Accessories- Carry a big purse, wear big bracelets and necklaces, and large scarfs. This will creat the illusion you are smaller than you are.

Big Sunglasses-same idea as the last, but it will thin out your face and hair.

Wear Heals-This will slim your legs. The posture of your calf will trim your legs down, and if you have nice legs, everyone will check out your legs instead of your midsection.

Don't wear baggy clothing-sometimes this backfires on you. Don't wear tight clothing either, then you look like two ten pound cats trying to fight their way out of a 2 pound bag.

Spanx-Oprah loves it and so do many women, they all swear by it.

Stand up tall-better posture, better shape, you also look more confident.

Wanna look younger?

Sometimes-better make-up and hair will do the trick. See your hair dresser and look at a make over, that 80's dew can only be pulled off by Tony Basil (Oh Mickey you're so fine).

According to about.com Trimming your hair between your neck and ears can take away years.

Pick the right shade of lipstick-you'd be surprised how lipstick can age you or make you look like a ...........nah, you know that already.

Teeth whitening-a great smile means your happy, not old and grumpy.

Define your eyes. People will notice your eyes not the wrinkles around them.

Attitude. If you think you are young, and are happy with your body but still want to work at both, that will show to everyone. Beauty always starts inside and radiates from the outside.