This is exactly the heartwarming story we need to hear about right now. A Wisconsin candle company is now known nationwide after gaining a spot on the national news.

Many people and organizations have raised money for Ukraine and continue to do so. Door County Candle Company is one of those companies and now, due to their efforts, they are becoming a household name.

The company is located in Sturgeon Bay in Wisconsin, which is about six hours from the Twin Ports. They are located along State Highway 42. They make handcrafted candles, hence their name.

They seemed like a very popular spot before, especially for tourists in the Door County area. Now, the business is absolutely booming thanks to their kind deed and a little national news coverage.

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It all began in late February, when the owner of the candle company shared a touching message about what was happening in Ukraine. As a Ukrainian-American herself, she felt compelled to do something to help those in Ukraine.

On February 26th, she officially announced the launch of a special Ukraine candle. It is red and blue and all proceeds from the candle goes to Razom, which is an organization that helps those in Ukraine that need it.

The fundraising picked up steam, with thousands of candles selling in the very first day. As of Thursday (March 24th), they have sold over 40,000 candles and donated more than $100,000 dollars to the organization, according to an Instagram post by Discover Wisconsin.

The candle got some major national news attention, which helped create awareness for the special project. Door County Candle Company was featured by David Muir on World News Tonight, which caused the mission to pick up even more steam. According to local news outlets, that appearance led so many people to the website that it crashed.

The owner says she will continue to make the candles and take orders. However, a disclaimer on their website says to allow up to twelve weeks or more to get your candle due to how many people are ordering them.

The Door County Candle Company already made their first donation to Ukraine relief earlier this month and will continue to make donations as the orders come in. Based on the fact that getting your order may take up to twelve weeks, it is safe to say they will be making plenty more donations to the cause.

The company is making all of us proud and I am so glad they are getting nationwide attention. I can't wait to see how much money they raise and donate. By the way, the candle is vanilla scented!

The company also offers soy candles, wax melts, fragrance oils and more. In similar news, another Wisconsin spot is defending those in Ukraine. The National Museum of Mustard, located in Wisconsin, took a stand against Putin and removed all their Russian mustards from shelves until further notice.

A brewery in Wisconsin also created a very blunt growler for its customers. The special growler has Putin's face on it with a very straightforward message. It is five bucks extra with the extra money going towards Ukraine relief.

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