Visit Duluth and the Duluth Seaway Port Authority is looking for your predictions for the first ship to come through the canal and dock for the new season.

Predict the exact date and time of the very first oceangoing vessel or 'saltie' of the 2021 shipping season. The Federal Churchill was the first in 2020, arriving at 7:55 pm on April 8. The winner of last year’s contest was off by just over 10 minutes. Hurry, you only have until the locks open on March 25th.

According to Visit Duluth, the earliest saltie arrival was March 30, 2013, when the Federal Hunter came in ahead of schedule. The latest however was the Diana, which pulled into port on May 7, 2014. That was because of ice, which delayed the arrival.

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The Person closest wins a 2-night stay at Fitger’s Inn (Lakeside Whirlpool King Suite), a $75 Gift Card to Bellisio's Italian Restaurant, a $50 Gift Card to Flagship, a $25 Gift Card to Wild State Cider, a 1-Year Subscription to Lake Superior Magazine, and Two Passes to 2 Duluth Attractions.

Only one guess per person. So make it count. This is a fun contest and helps to raise awareness for the shipping industry and keeps people involved. There are a lot of people who don't know about the ships. Stop into the Maritime Museum and follow the smokestacks and find out who they work for and where they are from, what they carry, and their staff.

The contest is free, all ties will be settled with a drawing. Good Luck!!

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