The first saltie of the season, the Federal Biscay, came in yesterday. A saltie is a ship that came in from the Ocean through the locks to come into port, signaling the start of the shipping season.

Lakers are the other ships that only travel the lakes carrying cargo to the ports. According to the Progressive Farmer, Lakers operate for much longer because they don't have to rely on the soo locks in order to get around and can travel until the ice blocks them from doing their business.

Visit Duluth and the Port Authority were holding a contest for people to guess when the first ship entered the harbor, then, there it was. Captured on the Harbor Cam, as people watched along the canal while the ship went past everyone cheering and clapping.

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Progressive Farmer reports that the ship was carrying cement cargo that is going to be delivered to several areas in the United States and mostly in North America. They loaded in Turkey and by way of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, came through the locks to make it to Duluth.

According to a press release from the Duluth Port Authority, reported by Progressive Farmer, Federal Biscay will bring its cement to the Duluth Terminal and drop off 21,000 tons of cement to be used in the Twin Ports and parts of Canada.

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