With all the big technology that humans can use today, sometimes there are things that are so simple that you don't consider that outcome.

Some are just simple. Shoelaces, they tie up shoes, the Aglet at the end of them make it easy to lace and keep them from fraying. Right there is a simple concept.

A potato masher comes to mind. What does it do? Why is it built so simply? Because it's only used to mash potatoes.  A spatula, to flip food or scrape. Easy concepts both of them

Everyone has seen a Bic pen top, and some of the others too. I think just about every one of them has that little hole at the top. Some people would look at them and think that is something that helps the ink breathe. (Why would you need it to breathe, wouldn't it dry up?) or something to do with making it write better.

The truth is, according to the FAQ on the Bic website the hole is just in case a person or child swallows the cap and it lodges in the throat, air can still pass through the cap and it can keep that person alive until it can be removed.

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Best life online says that an article published in American Family Physician, in a single year, American children and young adults swallow about 182,105 foreign items, pen caps included. How many times have you chewed a pen cover and almost swallowed it? This is why there is a hole in the cover.

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