File this under "The Things You Question In Life".   After checking out at the local Sam's Club today, I re-entered the line to have my receipt checked -- just ten feet away from the cashier I just paid.


To find out, I started doing some research.  I found a lot of complaints about this online - and not just for Sam's Club.  [I should point out that this article is not a criticism of the Sam's Club store, rather - a search for answers].  Turns out that plenty of other businesses also make you wait in a second line to be checked out - after you already have paid.

So what have I found out?

First and foremost - you agree to these "voluntary searches" when you apply for membership.  Doubting me?  Check the fine print on your membership agreement/contract.

Most of the stores that have this policy suggest that they check these receipts to "make sure that you have been charged correctly for the items you've purchased".  Sounds good in theory - but - do you really think that that employee has the prices for every item in that store memorized?  S0 to advance the question, how would they know if you were charged correctly?

In conclusion, even though stores like Sam's Club give you an explanation for why you have to stand in line to have your receipt re-checked before you leave,  they really haven't - if you know what I mean?!