We've all done it. You are drinking a slurpee, eating ice cream, having a sno cone. Then it comes on, the hurting, the head ache. People call it "Brain Freeze", because that is what it feels like. There is a scientific term for that feeling we get when we don't pace ourselves when eating or drinking something cold. 

According to medical news today, the term people use is Brain Freeze, also known as an ice-cream headache or cold-stimulus headache has the very long scientific name of sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia. It comes when th ere is rapid consumption of cold food or deserts. So what happens to give you that feeling?

Also According to medical news today a group of Harvard Medical Science school students said Brain freeze occurs when something extremely cold touches the upper-palate (roof of the mouth). It normally happens when the weather is very hot, and the individual consumes something too fast.

According to the Huffington Post, the trick is to position the spoon so it does not hit the roof of the mouth and send a message to the brain.

If you do get ‘brain freeze’, here's what you can do.  Jorge Serrador, M.D. of Harvard Medical School told NBC his easy tips for warming up the palette.

1. Fold the tip of it backward and stick the bottom of your tongue to the roof of your mouth. The warmth will help heat up the nerves in your palette and cause the blood flow to your brain to normalize.

2. If you drink or eat more slowly, you give your blood time to heat the tissue in the roof of your mouth and avoid triggering a cold-induced headache

3. Cup your hands around your mouth like you would in the winter and exhale deeply. It will trap warm air in your mouth and help thaw your brain.