I just received a new replacement for one of my department store credit cards - and I'm angry!  While I'm aware of the move towards security chip credit cards by the end of the year, I wasn't very happy to learn that this particular department store is now going to require me to come up with a alpha-numeric, case-sensitive pin-number - with a length of their choosing - for me to remember in order to use it.

Make it stop!

As a consumer, I'm tired of companies requiring me to come up with an endless barrage of new user names, passwords, and pin-numbers - and then making me change it at some set time period of their choosing.

While I understand the need for financial security, I don't see why credit companies are forcing consumers to jump through these additional hoops when it was their lack of prudence that created the credit fraud problem.

It gets worse when you add in the additional user names, passwords, and pin-numbers a person needs to remember (and change on a regular basis) for their occupation.  Without even giving it a thorough assessment, I easily have over 150 different companies/services that I need to remember all of these unique codes for.

My method?  I don't bother to remember these codes.  I choose to use the "forgot password" option and make the business walk me through creating a new one.  And then I find a new place to do business with.

There.  I'm done.  We can move on.  I got it off my chest.  Now I can move on with my day.  If you need me, I'll be busy coming up with new unique combinations to remember.


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