"I thought that was done"? "Are they supposed to be there?"  "Why are they digging up Belknap Street again"?  These were the questions from a lot of people on social media over the last day or so as orange cones and work crews ascended on Belknap Street in Superior and started digging up what appeared to most as a finished project.  The short answers are: It is, they are, and it's part of the plan.

City and chamber officials took to social media themselves to help squelch any rumors before they got started (or, too out of control).

It turns out that the work you're seeing on Belknap Street right now is part of the master plan of the project from the last few years.  Those in the know are saying that we're in an "Inspection and Warranty Time" - where the contractor has come back to inspect the work now that it had the time to settle over the winter.  Those areas that didn't fare so well or need a little fixing are being reworked right now to maintain the integrity of the street and highway.

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