Every year I work the tents for Grandma's Marathon Big Top, little did I know I was about to meet a really cool guy.

I went to the Sports Garden to have their buffet as I do every year. I joined up with my friends who were picking on this guy with sideburns. Making comments about him calling him Danzig. (That artist had sideburns). This guy was taking it and he was sitting next to my friends and didn't get up when I asked him to.

I was hungry so I went to the buffet, got my spaghetti and sat down, by this time he met some friends and had given me a spot next to my buddies. We started talking, I could see he had a medal from the marathon and they were laying in front of him.

I asked him how many years he has run and was surprised to hear he was a long time marathoner. It also made me question his age, I thought he was in his early 30s, but he couldn't be with the number of years he has run.

He asked what I did for a living, I told him radio. He says, so do I. He said he was on channel 38 Ozzy's Boneyard. He was Luc Carl!!! So we talked about Nashville, that's where he lives and I once lived there, and about the changes. Then talked about Duluth and how it is changing.

We took a pic together and I said goodbye, also told him to get in touch with me next year, and I gave him tickets to the Big Top for Saturday Night. What a nice guy, LUC!!!

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