I think there are a few things people can remember, one of them is the night Michael Jackson "Moonwalked" on stage at the Motown 25 show. The next day, everyone either did a great version of it, or a lousy one, like me.

New evidence has surfaced that Michael did not invent his famed dance, that he only imitated it. Now, granted, he did it the best and added to it, but the original dance is not his.

First of all, his first time performing it.

An interview was conducted, Chris Willman of Yahoo! music, points out Even his own sister LaToya  gives credit where credit is due: "The moonwalk was a dance that the kids were doing on the streets," she's said, "and Michael came along later. And he had a guy by the name of Jeffrey Daniel to teach him to do the moonwalk...and when he did it, everybody saw it and just thought this was the most wonderful thing they had ever seen, not really knowing it was a dance that was already out there."

In Michael's Autobiography, he lightly steps away from how he learned it. He says, The Moonwalk was already out on the street but Michael says he enhanced it a little, instead of a breakdance step, he goes on to say he gave it a popping style, and that is what sold the step as a Moonwalk.


Now, you decide, here is a short of Bill Bailey doing the dance.