Recently, Duluth Mayor Emily Larson and Public Works Director Jim Benning made the announcement about which streets will be repaired as part of the 2020 summer construction season.  The city touted the fact that 18.6 miles of streets will be repaired - out of the 450 miles included in the city limits - or a little over 4% of the total.  They were quick to point out that this was a significant improvement over last years work plan - which saw only around 3 miles of repairs.

It's safe to say that Duluth streets are some of the worst in the state - especially when you consider the significant amount of taxes that are assessed to residents and visitors.  

So - the obvious question becomes: Which streets will be repaired during the 2020 season (as part of the 18.6 miles)?  The City of Duluth has released the project list that details all of those streets.  City administrators suggested that the scope of the work will spread the repairs out over the entire city limits.  Click here to see the list and learn more about the repair work.

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