combined factors like median wages, state tax rates, cost of living and other factors to determine which states would be the best places to make a living. Where did Minnesota land on the list?

Wyoming takes the top spot for best places to make a living, having no state income tax is always helpful. Washington, Virginia, North Dakota, Texas, Ohio, Michigan, Colorado and Illinois all made the top 10 states.

Then Minnesota sneaked into the 10th spot. Money Rates had this to say on the North Star State, "Cracking the top 10 for both median wage and for low unemployment rate were the keys to Minnesota making the top 10 overall in this study after barely missing the best states list last year. The biggest caveat is the state tax burden, which is among the highest in the nation, as state tax on median income is reported as $2,312.28."

Wisconsin sits in the middle of the pack as the 25th ranked state to make a living in. You can check out the whole list at the Money Rates site below.

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