I once did a poll of Northand listeners on KOOL 101.7, who believed in ghosts and UFOs. I was surprised that the number was 81%. I couldn't believe that many people that listen believe in UFOs. A National Poll was taken and found most Americans believe UFOs exist. So, where does Minnesota and Wisconsin rank for reports of UFOs?

The National UFO Reporting Center released a list of reports by state, Minnesota came in 24th with 81 reports and Wisconsin came in 23rd with 83 reports.

Here's the top 5 and the amount of reports per that state According to the National UFO Reporting Center.

5. New York with 170 reports
4. Arizona with 180 reports
3. Washington with 192 reports
2. Florida with 308 reports
1. California with 490 reports

What is really going on in California, I am reminded that weed is legal in California, but it is in Colorado too and they aren't in the top 5.

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