With a stagnant economy, many people have felt the crunch of the ever-tightening job market.  But - might there be a change in the air?

One of the long-term projections that employment observers have made is the future need for senior care;  As the Baby Boom generation ages and enters the stage of life where they need full-time, part-time, or assisted-living care - these individuals will outnumber the current healthcare resources available - both brick and mortar and personnel.  For a long time it's been predicted that the Baby Boomers would inflate an employment bubble along the way.  Now it appears like that is likely going to be the case.

A recent release from the Center for Rural Policy and Development in Minnesota details these upcoming needs.  Their forecast is for a dramatic need for healthcare workers to staff the necessary services that Baby Boomers will not only need but demand.

Their findings show that two-thirds of the Baby Boom generation will require some form of assisted living or in-home care.  This demand outperforms the current number of staff performing these duties.  In order to meed the demand, health care facilities will need to dramatically add staffing to cover.