How many times have you tried to be techy and failed miserably? Too many hands go up. These two seniors were trying to take pictures and recorded a video, then emailed it by mistake to their relatives. One of them posted it and the rest is history.

Meet 86-year old Bruce Huffman, who burps, makes faces, and shamelessly flirts with his 79-year-old wife Esther who ignores him while she tries to figure out how to take a photo. According to Yahoo! Esther was especially perplexed when she saw an error message pop up that read, "'warning you must stop recording before trying to close.'" Esther went on to say, "Gee but I don't know what I'm recording.

It turns out their granddaughter had tried to teach Grandma and Grandpa how to use the webcam so she could talk to them. When the granddaughter found the funny video and posted it to YouTube.

This lets us know, we are not alone sometimes.

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