The presents have been opened and all of the gift-wrap has been recycled.  No matter how long you leave your Christmas tree up - sooner or later you'll need to take it down.  If it's an artificial tree - you simply return it to the box that it came out of.  But if the tree in your house is of the natural or "real" variety - you need to dispose of it.  But how and where do you do that?

As they have for many years, WLSSD offers a "Treecycling" program that allows you to drop off your used tree at various locations throughout the Twin Ports.  From there, your old tree will be recycled into mulch and other products that keep it from hitting the landfill.

WLSSD offers a variety of drop-off locations around our community.  The following areas are open now through January 10:

  • Duluth Heights Community Club:  33 W Mulberry Street - parking lot
  • Lester Park:  Superior St & Lester River Road - parking lot
  • Woodland Community Club:  3211 Allendale Avenue - lower parking lot off Woodland Avenue
  • Chester Bowl:  Skyline Parkway & 19th Avenue East - parking lot
  • Duluth West Toolhouse:  2407 Commonwealth Avenue
  • Rose Garden:  London Road & 13th Avenue East - parking lot

These locations will be open until January 31:

  • Demolicious:  306 S Central Avenue - Weekdays 8 AM – 5 PM, Saturday 8 AM – 2PM (closed January 1 and 2)
  • VEIT/VONCO V Landfill:  1100 West Gary Street - Weekdays 7 AM – 5 PM (closed January 1)

If you live in Cloquet or Carlton County, here is your drop-off location for the Treecycling program:

  • SAPPI Fine Paper (Gatehouse Entrance)
  • Moose Lake Compost Site

Superior has a one-day Treecycling event going on:

  • Superior Target - North Parking Lot - Saturday, January 9, from 10 AM to 2 PM.

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