I think by now most of us know that the final two weeks of  the year are unusual in the fact that a lot of businesses and government agencies operate on altered schedules due to the Christmas and New Years' holidays - both of which constitute two day events, one week away from each other.

It's no different for the City of Superior's municipal garbage collection service. The next two weeks will see an altered schedule just at the time of year most households produce the most trash.

Don't get caught with your trash not picked up;  here are the details about the altered/holiday garbage collection schedule for Superior:

  • Christmas Week - December 21-25:  Residents with Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday routes are asked to have your cans out by 7:00 AM Monday. Thursday routes should have their can out by 7:00 AM Tuesday, and Friday routes need to have their can out by 7:00 AM Wednesday.  Be advised that the collection may be a day late.
  • New Years Week - December 28-January 1: Residents with Monday routes will remain the same. All other routes, please have your can out one day early to allow for an accelerated pick up.

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