The Christmas season is here and that means plenty of entertaining!  One of the often asked questions by hosts is what style of stemware should they use to serve champagne:  goblets or flutes?

The origin of the confusion is easy to spot;  For decades (perhaps centuries), champagne was served in a goblet-style glass.  In fact, that pairing was so common-place that those wide-mouthed goblets came to be known as "champagne glasses".

Somewhere along the line, the flute-style glass was introduced to the process.  In recent years, this style has become more common than the goblet.

So which is better?  In this situation, I defer to the experts at Cooks Illustrated - that bastion of culinary know-how.

This article breaks down the differences between the two glasses - and gives advice as to which is better to serve champagne in.  Their choice:  the flute!


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