Remember the day when you got a sore throat and you didn't know it was strep until it felt like you were swallowing razor blades?  Then you'd look at your throat in your mirror and see white streaks, are you with me?  How is it that the strep illness has changed to the point you don't get a sore throat anymore.

I remember having it so bad it was difficult to swallow or speak. My Facebook friend had posted that her daughter had a stomach ache and temp of 101.5.  Her other daughter had just finished a month of antibiotics and another sibling was being picked up from school with a bad headache. All now symptoms of strep.  She said that none of them had the typical sore throat that use to come with strep.  The whole family got swabbed and rightfully so.  It turned out that yes, even mom had strep throat and she was adamant that she didn't even feel sick!

Do they still prescribe antibiotics for others in the family when one or two of them have strep?  Her advice is to get your kids checked for strep, especially if they are complaining of a headache or tummy ache.  WebMD says other symptoms include fever, swollen lymph nodes in the neck, even vomiting.  It is so very important to catch and treat strep throat.  There are instances that are extreme, like the little girl that lost her leg after her strep spread through her body, but it started with strep throat.

It's scary that illnesses that I dealt with as a child, like the flu and strep throat are morphing, not to mention all the new illnesses we need to protect our children from like Lyme's disease and Zika Virus!  Especially because many of the virus and illnesses have the same symptoms and mimic each other.  Has strep throat hit your household yet?  Did they have the traditional symptoms or was it hard to diagnose?

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