5 Reasons A Summer Cold Sucks
My daughter has had two colds in the last month and I have managed to avoid getting sick, until this last weekend.  It toyed with me too.  I felt kinda funky on Friday night, Saturday it was better and then BOOM, it hit me on Sunday and now it's a full on summer cold...
If You Own A Dog In The Northland, You Need To Know This
My Facebook friend Greg has experienced something with his dog that I never knew existed and it’s something all dog owners in this area should know about. It’s something that humans can get too and is picked up in wet marshy lands like the areas where many of us walk our dogs. Here’s his story and t…
Why Are People Dying From The Flu?
With the current outbreak of influenza peaking - and the news reports of the deaths associated with the flu - a lot of people are wondering:  why are people dying from the flu?  After all, isn't the flu similar to the common cold?

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