Recently I was invited to a Facebook group for parents learning how to raise their kids during this technology age. It's a very scary time for being a parent, as these impressionable kids are bombarded from everything in the world. One of the most discussed topics is when should kids get their first phone.

It was a different time, but I got my first phone in 1999. I had just got my driver's license and my parents wanted to keep track of me. Now, kids get left out of social things without a smartphone because all of their friends are on them. I've even heard of schools having assignments you use your smartphone in middle school.

This article from INC says the average age is just over 10! Is that too early? In the article they point out that even Bill Gates didn't let his kids have a smartphone until the age of 14.

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It's a hot topic among parents. I think most parents agree they would rather have their kids not be stuck on a smartphone all day, but many don't want their kids to feel left out among their friends. It's a tough balancing act as parents, and we'll have to learn that tightrope walk.


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