Sixteen year old Isaac Johnson from Minneapolis found himself having to regain his Guinness Book Of World Records title of worlds biggest mouth gape which he reclaimed. He was able to break a new world record and made an appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel show Wednesday Night.

According to Bring Me The News: "Johnson set the record in 2019 with a 3.67-inch gape. The person who broke his record months later reset the record with a gape of 3.75 inches. But Johnson, who was 15 when he set the mark, was still growing – and his attempt to reclaim the record in 2020 revealed his gape had grown to an incredible 4 inches."

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For his appearance on the show he met with fill in host Wanda Sykes which was a perfect match since she had a lot of fun with the fact that this kid has such a big mouth. She set up a game along with the audience calling it "Will it Fit?" Where Johnson was given a variety of objects to try and get his mouth around like a softball, a brick, a doll baby's head, magnifying glass and the best one yet a VHS version of the movie Jaws!

I have to say that all I could do was hold my hand over my mouth in awe and think to myself, that kids jaw is going to stay stuck open and he won't be able to shut it. I am not sure what he will be able to use this skill for in the future, but I am sure he is enjoying his new claim to fame and he did get some pretty cool prizes along with an appearance on national TV, so that is pretty awesome!

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