It's that time of year again to get psyched up to jump, plunge or plop into Lake Superior in February for the 18th Annual Polar Plunge Saturday February 16, 2019. Money raised helps to fund Special Olympics Athletes and Events. Unlike other plunges around the state this is an all day event of fun!

When I first moved to Duluth and heard about the plunge I thought to myself, you have to be kidding right? But yes it is true hundreds of brave souls jump in every year and once you have done it you have a lifelong bond with other plungers and these awesome athletes. The Polar Plunge event is like a big family reunion, many teams do this year after year and that is something special.

So what makes the Duluth Plunge so special? Well first off Lake Superior is a big reason that I feel Duluth is the Plunge of all Plunges around the state. Not to say that smaller lakes are not cold but something about this monster sets you apart. Also the camaraderie from people watching, all the volunteers , plungers, fire fighters, police department and St. Louis County Rescue squad all make it great. AND MIX 108 is on site recording a LIVE Feed of the entire plunge so friends and families can watch you plunge on line and after the plunge you can watch yourself and friends in the video on our website or mobile app.

Grandmas Sports Garden is once again home base for the plunge activities with music, great drink and food specials and a chance to win some cool prizes. COSTUMES ARE ENCOURAGED it makes the plunge that much more fun and you can win prizes for the costume contest. Changing tents are on site at Grandmas as well as down at the plunge site and a school bus will bring you to and from the plunge site in Canal Park. So except for a few seconds in the cold water and up the bank to get out, they make this as accommodating as possible.

This is a fantastic event for a group of friends, families and businesses, some teams have done this for many years in a row! Last year there were 711 Plungers who helped raise $167,138. The goal this year is obviously more plungers and the dollar goal is $174, 700 and with your help we can do it. Plus depending on how much money you raise you will receive a Polar Plunge t-shirt or sweatshirt and merchandise is also for sale at Grandmas Sports Garden as well. I have a huge collection of Polar Bear Plunge sweatshirts that I wear with pride and I love when people stop and ask me about it just in awe that hundreds of amazing people plunge into the icy waters of Lake Superior each and every year. Be a part of the awesomeness, for more information or to sign up a team CLICK HERE! 

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