Drivers who use the Oliver Bridge will need to find a different daytime route the last week of this month.  The popular railroad-car bridge that brings junction Highways 39 (Minnesota) and 105 (Wisconsin) over the St. Louis River will close for routine inspections August 27-31.  The closure will affect daytime traffic only.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation is sharing the information for CN Railway - which owns and is responsible for the roadway.  The scheduled inspection will happen each day between 8:30 AM and 4:30 PM.

Drivers will be alerted to the closure and receive updates via changeable message signs that will be placed at their usual locations (in Wisconsin where 105 turns off of Tower Avenue, in Minnesota where 39 turns off of Grand Avenue/Highway 23, and in Oliver).

The Oliver Bridge serves as a popular river crossing for many - especially those who live in the western-reaches of Duluth and the southern parts of Superior. It has been the recipient of reconstruction work the past few summers.  The bridge also sees inspection work most summers.



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