I have lived many places and have picked up some bad habits and also some ways of saying words. I have a little east, a little south, a little north, and some say a little Canadian. So I decided to take the test and see what I have.

Every part of the country has a different way of saying everything, and I think each has a town that is hard to say or only known by the locals. Cloquet would be that town in the area, you know that someone is from here if they say it right.

There are foods that are native to the area too. If you bring up the food lefsa to a southerner, they are dumbfounded, but if you ask someone to suck the flavor our of the head they don't know what that means. (By the way it refers to crawfish).

I decided to take the test and see what part of my chosen area to live in my life came through the strongest.

Here are my results:

Screen Shot Of Results from gotoquiz.com

Take the quiz and see how you do, then let me know.