**Warning** There are images in this blog that are scary and disturbing.

The MOMO challenge has parents scared for their kids over what it makes them do, National Online Safety posted a guide to help.

The MOMO challenge asks kids to do things through the app WhatsApp, it also shows up on youtube, and on Facebook. Sometimes they start out harmless, then they escalate into violent challenges some that will cause the children harm. Momo threatens the children if they tell their parents or don't follow their instructions.

People have been uploading this MOMO challenge into some youtube videos that are labeled as children's videos. At first, there was a rumor that the MOMO character was hacking, but it was later discovered that people were cutting MOMO into the videos.

One of the things you need to pay attention to is the uploader, if it isn't the network that owns the cartoon, then it might be a pranked video that has kids thinking their youtube has been hacked by this very scary thing.

So, what can you do as a parent? I have also posted what the National Online Safety posted and the tips they recommend.

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