Snow? What snow?

A family in Rice Lake, Wisconsin went to Culver's for a nice meal at the chain a few days ago. However, instead of enjoying their food in the warmth of the restaurant, they decided to take a trek to a table outside.

That's right - the hilarious crew plowed through heavy snow to take a seat at one of the restaurant's outdoor tables.

The photo was shared by a Culver's employee who works at the location. The family we all want to be a part of is the Kargus family. Take a look at the picture below:

Photo credit: Culver's / Kargus Family

As you can see, the snow is as high as the table top. That didn't stop them from enjoying some chow!

Culver's seemed to love the photo as much as we do, writing "That's a whole new meaning to Fresh Frozen Custard!" We can't say we disagree.

This picture is amazing in every single way. We've seen so much snow this winter across the Northland and the rest of the Midwest that at this point, the only thing we can do is laugh and make the best of it, right?

(By the way - I would rather take a seat at that snowy table than in THIS car filled with snow.)

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