There's a program called castaways that rescues dogs by using inmates to train them and give them confidence. There are thousands of stories of dogs being rescued and trained to go back in the world with confidence and become someone's dog.

When the dogs are rescued, they are days away from being euthanized and the reason they are on that path is because families drip off their pets that they can't move with or just don't want them anymore. The dogs are scared and don't know how to deal with the situation they've been given. So, when people come to take dogs home they see these dogs that pee themselves or just are afraid of people and don't want to take the risk that there is something wrong with this dog.

Inmates who are trying to turn their life around then are given a dog to turn around. Which I think is great. I think the reason inmates become repeat offenders is because they just do time and then get released back to what they know and just offend again. With this program they learn something and they become relevant which intern gives them worth.

Watch this short film to see how the program works.