This is the sort of question I ask:  What happens to all of the old electric meters that Superior Water Light and Power is replacing?

The question stems from this summers part of a multi-year program to replace all of the older analog-style electric, water, and gas meters with new digital ones.  This summer, SWL&P has focused on changing out all of the electric meters;  the gas and water meters will be switched out over the next year or so.

When the project is finished, customers will have more accurate meters to reflect their utility usage.  They'll also be able to access their numbers online - allowing them the opportunity to adjust their usage.  In addition, SWL&P will no longer have to have a person manually read each and every meter in the city - every month.

So - back to the question:  What is happening to those old meters?  According to SWL&P's Facebook page, they'll be shipped off to Texas to be recycled.

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