If you live in Superior, this summer will bring some changes to your home's electrical service;  if you haven't received a meter upgrade to the newer digital models, you will before the snow flies.

Superior Water Light & Power is in the middle of a multi-year plan to fully upgrade and replace all of their existing electric, water, and gas meters for their customers.  Gone will be the older analog models that required a meter reader (or the customer) to physically read the numbers.  In their place will be new wireless digital meters that communicate the numbers back to SWL&P without any human involvement.

Many people are asking questions about the process that was first announced back in January of 2017.  This page on their website helps to dispel some of the myths that are being passed around.

For the electric change-over, no one needs to be home.  Because the majority of water meters are located inside the home, SWL&P will need access when the homeowner is present. The same is true of the natural gas switch-out;  while those meters are (usually) located outside of the home, a service person will need access to your appliances to relight the pilot light.


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