A few months ago I talked about a Minnesota Company that made a Purple Rain candle that they said might smell like Prince, well I got suckered into buying it.

I have not burned it yet, I have only smelled it. This company Minnesota Smells said this about the candle:

Have you ever wondered what is was like to be in the presence of Minnesota's favorite artist? We did, and we think we captured it perfectly. The Purple Rain candle is a fresh, woodsy fragrance with an intriguing rain-like edge, with undertones of lavender.

It is really a nice smelling candle. So, I'm thinking to myself, if this is what Prince smells like, I might have gone out with him. This candle has a bit of perfume, cologne, some lavender, and I have to say it has a Purple smell. It's a combination like nothing I have ever smelled before.

MinnesotaSmells.com product picture
MinnesotaSmells.com product picture

It is a strong smell without being overwhelming. I figured the only way to smell this correctly is to imagine it is Prince coming over to my house. So, I took out the candle and took the cover off, and let it sit in the chair. I talked to the candle as if it was Prince and then played some Prince music. I was mesmerized by Prince in that second.

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I can understand why women liked to be around Prince, he really smells great. I thought of rubbing the candle all over myself to get that smell. I think a lot of it is baked into the candle, but I would buy it just to use it as a cologne. Now I know where the saying came from, that he wore more lace and make-up than your girl but could steal her away in no time.

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