Actress Jenna Rae Osterlund was in the studio to talk about what steps she took to be an actress in Hollywood, and what it's like to be on a set. She also talked about some of the parts she is winning and might appear on a series.

One of the names she dropped was Ron Howard, who is one of Hollywood's premiere directors. She is working on a web series and a couple of other things that could put her name in the minds of people across America fast.

Jenna brought her parents in for a tour and they sat in for the interview, I was impressed because Jenna and her family are close and you don't see a lot of people in the entertainment business that remember their roots.

If you would like to follow Jenna Rae Osterlund, here's the links to learn more.

Her Imdb page for acting credits

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Thanks again for a great interview Jenna, here's the audio and video:


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