Who has the best merchandise, when you go to their website or concert you find something you want.

There are always your favorite artists that you would buy anything they put out because you are a fan. Everyone has a t-shirt, maybe keychain, etc. Something no artists carry anymore is a program. A book of pictures and maybe a write up about that artist. You can follow along through the years and see how the music changes, style differs, and maybe what made you like them in the first place.

You might find them very sexy and just like sitting and looking at them. I'm not saying that's why I bought one, but it might be. It's also one of the most prized things I own. I have a Purple Rain program.

Some bands have special things, maybe a bandana, maybe a snow globe, or maybe a casket you can be buried in with your favorite band. You know who I'm talking about? See who we think has some of the best stuff.

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