Many people make resolutions of things they will change or something they will undertake for the new year, 2021 may be different.

How many times have you heard this? I am going to lose weight. Let's not put all that pressure on ourselves and just realize you are stuck indoors and those goals might not be as easy to attain. Most Gyms have gone virtual, so a lot of the machines are not available. You can run, you can walk, you can snowshoe, ski, and you can eat less. That is your weight-loss option.

Can you really go on a diet? I thinking, NO! At least I can't. I talk to my friends and some listeners and they echo the same thing I am going to say. You are stuck indoors all day, working, playing, teaching, and exercising. What do you do when you are in all day. Yes, you eat. So, the thing you want to do here is to eat less. That sounds so easy to say, now, how do we do that in real life?

Some people say, this year I am going to save more money and spend less. With all the ads that hit you during your facebook time, and all the sales online, especially at It's so easy to spend money, you need that thing you just bought. Here's something you can buy and keep your resolution. Get some exercise equipment. How about a resistance band, or medicine ball. That is something you need.

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Many people are saying they are not going to make any resolutions this year because it's so hard to keep it. With me, I would like to lose weight, but with all the wonderful food that is out there, and I am home all day cooking and working. It's going to be something I might give up on this year.

I'm going to concentrate on staying somewhat healthy and staying safe, washing my hands, distancing (except food). hope the vaccine comes quick and I can get out more and lose weight.



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