I have said it before and I will say it again, 2021's resolutions will be very different from every other year.

Many people say they want to lose weight, but how is that attainable when a lot of the gyms are closed and most people don't have a decent workout gym at home. Some people were already on their weight loss journey with a personal trainer and COVID stopped that workout. The gyms that have survived have done so virtually.

One of my resolutions is to play out somewhere. I'll do it for free so that people will come in to the establishment and eat and drink. That isn't even a do-able expectation so far. It might be later in the year, maybe.

With runs on the foods and other products in the grocery store making it hard to keep up on food. I went to buy broccoli and it was gone. There are three kinds of broccoli, and all were gone. (Florets, chopped and stalks, and I'm probably missing some.) I have tried to buy other vegetables and have come up short. My point is, it's hard to eat healthy when you can't meal plan because of runs in the store.

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So I came up with a list for me, that might be able to work for the new year. I am lucky, I have a job, I have lost a little weight, and I am able to be with the family I have in town.

My Resolutions for 2021

  • Be wise with my money, probably never happen, but awareness is good.
  • Lose more weight.
  • Try different things to manage weight and body.
  • Do something more active than I have been
  • Teach more music to my son Sam
  • Find more ways to spend time with Sam
  • Become more active with Sam
  • Cook more recipes, broaden my list of things I make
  • Teach Sam more about cooking, make good choices..
  • Set goals, try to achieve them.
  • Finish my Prince book.
  • Record my full library of songs, try to get one cut by an artist.
  • Minimize my junk and make my stuff more manageable.
  • Manage my time better, for home and work.
  • Keep up better with my friends
  • Play somewhere live this year.
  • Sing karaoke somewhere

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