Back in June we reported that Explore Minnesota was having a contest to solicit names for the soon-to-open bridge east of Virginia - part of the Highway 53 Relocation Project.  While the winner wasn't guaranteed that their submission would be the final name chosen by state authorities, they would win a gift card and their name would be forwarded to the state legislature for consideration.

Well, we have a winner - five of them to be exact. Here are the Top Five winning submissions - according to

  • Iron for American Bridge - submitted by Michael Eliason
  • Iron Range High Bridge - submitted by James Adamiak
  • Mesabi Crossing - submitted by Clyde Salmi
  • Mesabi Veterans Memorial High Bridge - submitted by Alan Ollila
  • Taconite Sky Bridge - submitted by Patti Papin

The actual date of the bridge opening has recently been pushed back but is expected to occur early this fall.



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