When the Northland decorates there are certain trees that work well in this area and sometimes only are available in this area.

These are the trees I remember seeing as I grew up in the Twin Ports. Some of these were shipped into tree farms or sometimes to a person selling in their yard. As time went on you could buy trees at hardware stores, or equipment stores. The best place to go to was someone who sold in their yard, they were better with service and knew how to take care of the trees.

I made the list and I know I forgot a few trees, but I remember having a flocked tree. My Dad flocked it, and I don't know how he didn't make a mess. Those were the days when we also painted our windows with window paint. We would have Santa, or kids sledding, or Christmas Trees.

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I think while I was growing up, we had every one of these trees, I remember what the tree salesperson said about watering and what we were looking for and what the needles looked like. Here are a couple of tips for picking a good tree and a list of what I remember being sold in the Twin Ports.

What are the Northland's most popular Christmas Trees?

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