If you are up for a hearty adventure and want to pick out and cut down your very own Christmas tree you now have the opportunity to get a permit from Superior, Chippewa or Chequamegon national forests in the Northland.

Permits are available to purchase online at recreation.gov. At Superior National Forest permits are available now until January 6 2021 and is limited to 2 trees per person at $5.00 per tree.

The National Forest Service states:

A memorable experience, cutting a holiday tree is a special tradition to share with family and friends while helping to maintain a healthy forest. For many families, venturing into the forest to cut a Christmas tree for the holidays is a treasured tradition carried on for generations, while others may just be discovering the thrill of searching for the perfect holiday centerpiece. For every tree that is found, cut and carried home as a holiday fixture, you’re also contributing to the overall forest health. Christmas tree permits are a unique opportunity for citizens to help thin densely populated stands of small-diameter trees – the perfect size for a Christmas tree.

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The recreation.gov website has all the information that you will need after you get your permit including where you can cut your tree, how to select your tree, how to plan your trip and helpful cutting tips too. This will be an experience to remember your entire lifetime.

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