All signs are pointing to a hot fourth of July weekend for the Duluth and Superior area! Depending on just how warm we get, it could be a record-breaking holiday.

First and foremost, the National Weather Service of Duluth says that excessive heat is possible as we kick off the new month. They are predicting a scorching hot holiday weekend with the possibilities of hitting the low 90s.

Backing up the National Weather Service is the Old Farmer's Almanac. Whether you believe in their forecasts or take them with a grain of salt, it is worth mentioning that they are predicting hot temperatures for our region over the fourth as well.

If both of these forecasts come true, then we could see this fourth of July in the history books for quite some time!

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KBJR shared two very interesting facts on their Facebook page Wednesday (June 30th), just a few days ahead of the holiday weekend. These facts actually blew my mind!

According to their post, we haven't seen a fourth of July holiday where the high is eighty-nine degrees since 1989. That is over three decades ago! For the record, KBJR is forecasting that for a high temperature this year on the fourth.

So what else are they predicting? Should we make it to the ninety-degree mark, it will be the warmest holiday since 1881. That is over a century ago!

These facts really blew my mind. How is it possible that we haven't been that warm for that long? We will have to wait and see just how warm we get in the Twin Ports for the fourth.

If you are banking on a hot weekend, I think it is safe to say it is going to be one. As long as we have a cloudless night to see fireworks, I am fine either way.

It looks like we won't be alone with the heat either, according to NWS Duluth. Have a safe and happy fourth of July weekend. We will report back on just how many records we break when all is said and done.

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