Two big chains will now require face masks for all of their customers: Walmart and Sam's Club.

The two businesses, which are owned by the same company, announced the news in a press release Wednesday (July 15th). The new policy will go into effect on Monday, July 20th.

Their press release states that the new policy will "help bring consistency across stores and clubs" across the country, as some require face masks and others do not. They also cite the spike in COVID-19 cases in some parts of the country as another reason for the new policy.

On top of the new face mask policy, Walmart will also be adding additional protocols to all their stores, including the following:

  • Each store will have a "health ambassador" who will be near the entrance. The health ambassador will remind customers of the new mask requirement and help those who go into the store without one.
  • All stores will now have one single entrance.

Sam's Club stores will also have an employee in the health ambassador role. There will be complimentary face masks given at these stores if a customer does not have one. They will also be available for purchase.

There are a few different Walmart locations across the Northland, including one at 4740 Mall Drive in Hermantown and another at 1308 MN-33 South in Cloquet. There is a Sam's Club location in the area as well, located at 4743 Maple Grove Road in Hermantown.

This news comes just days after the City of Duluth implemented a face mask policy, which requires facial coverings in most public places within city limits.

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