Violet Cable was going to lunch with her Grandfather Dave Engstrom when she noticed that the Walmart in Hudson, Wisconsin had a sign that was misspelled.

It could be seen plain as day from the interstate they were driving on. So Dave Engstrom, City Clerk/Administrator at the City of Lake St. Croix Beach, got out of the car and snapped a picture because he didn't even believe what he was looking at.

There on the big, blue sign outside Walmart in Hudson, Wisconsin was the name “Walmarrt.” The other side of the sign at 2222 Crest View Dr. in Hudson was spelled correctly.

“I was really surprised,” Dave Engstrom said to the Pioneer Press  Dave lives in neighboring Afton. The funny part is, that Dave had his last name spelled wrong and his position misquoted in the article. It was Dave Ingstrom, so when I was chasing him down to get his picture so you could see it, I couldn't find him.

Engstrom said to the Pioneer Press that he has no idea how long the incorrect sign has been up but he credited Lucy who is 11, for a really good catch. When the manager of the Hudson store was asked to comment to the Pioneer Press, he said he could not comment on the sign and referred them to the Walmart Corporate Headquarters. No one from the big office returned any messages to Pioneer Press either.

When the Pioneer Press tried to contact the manager at the store he said he could not comment on the sign and referred a reporter to Walmart corporate headquarters; no one from Walmart corporate returned a query seeking comment for this article.

 According to CBS WCCO Walmart says that part of the sign blew off making it appear to be misspelled. If you look closely they said you can see a missing square.

Pioneer Press says last year, another major typo occurred in Wisconsin. Crews repainting the village of Plover’s water tower on July 1 misspelled the village’s name as “Plvoer.”

Permission by Dave Engstrom
Permission by Dave Engstrom

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