If you enjoy handcrafted spirits, this private tasting tour might be your jam.

Starting November 6th, Vikre Distillery will start doing private tasting tours in groups of 2-4 for $39 per person. Reservations can be made starting now here.

The tour will include a look behind the scenes at the distilling process and of course some drinks, everyone will enjoy a flight of spirits, snack plate, a glass that you can keep and you'll enjoy a cocktail of your choice from their winter menu.

Tour participants will get enjoy a discount on cocktail kits and merchandise from their shop. You can also order from their store anytime for pickup in Canal Park, they have a huge selection of cocktail kits and have hand sanitizer in stock if you need small or large quantities.

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Vikre says they are also busy building a winter bar, so people can continue to visit under the strict COVID-19 guidelines placed on bars and restaurants.

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