Wanna annoy a Saints fan? Bring up the Minnesota Miracle, or the non-call, or the fact that they lost at the last minute the last two years in the playoffs.

Wanna annoy a Viking fan? Keep bringing up the fact that everyone thinks the Saints will win, or that Kirk Cousins is 0-1 in the playoffs and even worse in big games. Coach Mike Zimmer says that was in the past almost none of that is with the Vikings. He says the Vikings will go to the Big Easy and win. If that's the case, the Vikings would play the 49ers.

In other games, the Schwamee says the Patriots are unbeatable in the wild card, or for the playoffs for that matter. The Schwamee also says it could be Buffalo's year and could make it to the playoffs. The Seahawks look good and Schwamee says they will move on to meet Green Bay.

Here are his picks


Buffalo vs Houston

Tennessee vs New England


Minnesota vs New Orleans

Seattle vs Philadelphia

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