Last August, I asked the KOOL Schwamee what his pre-season Super Bowl picks were. Then, we do another pick mid season, and finally when we have the AFC and NFC championships at the end of the season. His two picks are still there.

So, it is a little anti-climactic to ask him to pick this weekend, his picks have not changed. There are some things to be aware of. I say all the time, watch the storyline. Which ever team has the biggest story will win the game or win the season. Minnesota has had it with the all backup team, and then with the Minneapolis Miracle. Now Philadelphia has a storyline going about the underdog masks. It's hard to know.

Here are the KOOL Schwamee's picks:


New England will prevail, but it might look dim at first. One thing for sure, Jacksonville will show they belong in that game and make it a tough one to win for NE.


Minnesota will only make it a visit before they come home is what the Schwamm says. Philadelphia and the Vikings will battle the whole game but Minnesota will leave the NFC champs and make it a memorable Super Bowl.

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